31 December 2008

Letters & Chillin' in the Village

    Letters & packages
  • [sent]Grandpa Kinney: Just sent a letter thanking you for all the cards and family history. Also, included a little design (Mom, can you tell Grandpa?)
  • [sent]Nicolee: Random Letter
  • (Michelle: I have a good start on a letter that'll probably be pretty long, I should send it out by the weekend)

  • [received] from Biff-Dad & Patty: Package brought Christmas to me when I was feeling most like it was not around. Currently sharing all the wonderful candy and good call on the pliers, Dad. My leatherman was misplaced somehow and I've really been missing it. Thanks so much! Merry Christmas

The last few weeks have been quiet. School's out, the computers are ordered (thanks in no small part to both my mom and Michelle and friends) and on their way, and because of a short week-trip to Kenya (will post about that later, with pictures) I've had no money for the month and was just chillin' at site. Which can be fun, but mostly just self-entertainment fun: reading, cleaning, organizing received & responding to letters, and teaching myself to program in a computer language called python (which I might also post about because I've gotten a bit addicted to it and have been impressed by how easy and flexible the code is). Anyway, I just wanted to quickly say that I'm still alive, Christmas was good if kinda non-descript and I'll try to put up a more substantial post soon (or maybe a lot of little posts). Loves you all and missing you during the holidays.


P.S. There should be an update about the computer lab soon at UgandaJones