29 November 2008

Philosophy Link & Letters Sent/Received

I know I promised I'd write something more substantial, but I instead wrote an article on moral philosophy for my friends' communal blog. Here's a link (it should be posted soon) if you're interested:

    Letters+ Received

  • Michelle: amalgamation of friends' b-day messages. The prayer flag Rocks and I often find myself contemplating it, although I can't firgure out what the blue world map(?), or heart(?) thing is - story behind that?

    • Dave: New music cd is sweet! I've been listening almost non-stop to M.I.A. and also am really digging MGMT and Keane.
    • James: I almost have "The Senator" memorized. My neighbors undoubtedly think I'm insane laughing to myself in my house.
    • Lawrence: No aplogies necessary, I love hand-made cards. Also, I haven't really noticed the financial crisis so much over here -- village life just plods slowly (very slowly) on.
    • Amy & Jack: Thanks so much for the card and the pictures, my favorite is where Amy is surrounded by her posse of dashing and deadly body-guard-bridesboys.

  • Mom & Grandpa: Card was cool, I'd never heard the hippie saying, "You can't trust anyone over 25." Also, tell Grandpa "thanks" for the card and small letter he sent. I'm planning to write something longer to him soon.

    "Things" Sent

  • A little photographic media with descriptions to: Mom, Allie, and Michelle.
  • Preliminary Thank You cards have been sent to computer lab donors, they should arrive with luck in about 3 weeks.


25 November 2008

Almost Done with Donations

Funding Almost Complete

This is just a very quick post to first of all pass on the good news that the Kayonza contribution has reached 710,000 UgSh of our goal of 735,000! We are very close to completing the funds and are very excited to see the vision of a computer lab here at Kayonza Primary.

The news is also good on the US side with a combined contribution of $4200 of the $4500 goal, but unfortunately this has increased a bit to $4600 with the fluctuations in the world financial system. So, that means that we have $400 to go and we are asking for your help in finishing up by making small donations or by passing along the cause to others who could contribute even a little. An Obama-esque landslide of $5 and $10 is exactly what we need in order to reach our goal by the deadline of December 4th. (see UgandaJones Fundraiser Website for more info.)

Also, preliminary "thank yous" are in the works and should be sent out by this weekend, when there will also be a more substantial post. Thanks to everyone for your support, your letters, your cards, and well ... everything.