25 August 2009

A few pictures to tide you over

God Pose on the top of Mount Hanang, Tanzania's 4th highest peak. It was a lot of fun to visit Tara in her village, pick up a few words in Swahili and also have her accompany us on our ascent.

A wide angle view of beautiful snorkeling off of Pemba, Zanzibar Archipelago's northern island.

Nungwi beach on "Zanzibar" island. A little touristy, but an amazing place to relax and spend a few days being a beach bum.

Happily wiling away the hours on the beach with $5 of collective sunglassware.

Tropical sunset from Pemba.

Also check out, Kendra's Blog (link is fixed now, ha ha). She's better at writing stuff than me.


  1. props, yo. nice stubble.


  2. Poor Jones... touring the world with girls. Don't forget to take some time to relax, k?

    Hope you're having a blast. Have fun buddy.

  3. oh yeah. apparently you can post from your itouch. :)