30 October 2009

Wherever I Shall Roam, I Shall Always Return To HOME

Hello Everyone,

Apologies for not writing anything up here ever and a big "Thanks!"
for all the Birthday messages. I just wanted to quickly write that my
homecoming (to Seattle) is set to be:
9th November at 11:20am
And after a quick week to start settling in, I plan to head home to
Spokane for a couple weeks. Southern Thailand is quite beautiful and
sends it's love, but I am So looking forward to seeing everyone in a
little over a week!



  1. Hurray! Can't wait to see you!

    You're so very "close" (couple hundred miles) to Jen and Nathan (you know, from Kate Noble's class a few years ago), just starting their Peace Corps in Cambodia. If you for some reason find yourself in the Kampot Province near Kampong Trach, stop in a say hi to the two white people for me. :)

    All my best,

  2. awesome yo. i'll look forward to seeing you, i'll be back in town the day before!