27 January 2008

Computer's up - Random Trees

Just a quick post here. My computer now has an operating system - Ubuntu! The excitement comes from the fact that despite the limited functionality from running an OS from a Cd I've been able to do a lot more responding to emails and blog posting. Now, I'll be able to do more responding, more pictures and if I get real bored, audio and video too. And, magically, being able to do more writing on a comfortable digital platform has seemed to keep me more sane (notice the change to "Nerd" in blog title). That's it, here's a picture I promised Michelle:

19 January 2008

Postal Update

I've decided to move my P.O. Box closer to home in Kayunga, because I don't go to Jinja very often. Here's the new address (mainly for letters):

H. Ryan "Migadde" Jones, PCV
P.O. Box 18279

However, if you want to send semi-important packages, I would still suggest using the address that goes to the Peace Corps office in Kampala.

Lastly, I just wanted to let you all know that I've signed up to a website called GoodReads. Now you can see what I'm reading and what I think of it (also see "widget" in the sidebar at right).